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          Celebrities and artists use social media everyday to get more famous. There are multiple social media sites celebrities’ use like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. There is no single marketing vehicle that is able to reach such a wide audience and allows celebrities to market themselves in such creative ways. Celebrities use these tools to build their brand and keep their names current. According to the Wall Street Journal article “Study Finds Mainstream Music Acts Dominate The Web”, more than 90% of music acts are represented on multiple social media sites.

          Actors’ use social media to get fans to see or buy their movies; musicians use it to drive iTunes and album sales. Celebrities goals are to build buzz around themselves. Using social media sites they can create a connection with people on an individual level. It makes them less of a star and more normal and they can have a sense of treating their fans like friends. Fans can get a glimpse into their personal lives and get an emotional connection with them. Also, if there is any negative buzz going around about a certain celebrity, fans can hear the “truth” directly from the source through social media.

The top three most followed celebrities on Twitter are currently, Katy Perry with over 50 million followers, Justin Bieber over 49 million, and Barack Obama over 41 million. Celebrities self-promote themselves by posting tweets, status updates, videos, and photos daily. They can easily share their activities, plans, upcoming events or concerts through social media. Some artists even post live tweets at their concerts like Katy Perry at her California Dreams concert in 2011 on the jumbo-tron to get the crowd interacting with the show. Some even like to keep their fans guessing on upcoming tour dates or albums and posts hints like Lady Gaga. It is all part of their own advertising campaign. A plus on using social media as a tool, is they can receive feedback from their fans and learn how to better themselves and their product. Some interaction is positive, but some is also negative.

Social media is a very effective marketing tool to build their brands and promote their own interest. For example, the Kardashians clothing line, The K Kollection, has 46 million followers on Twitter. Dr. Dre promotes Beats Music on Twitter as well and has 47 million followers. Celebrities sometimes even have their own sponsored tweets and facebook posts like Khloe Kardashian who earns up to $30,000 per tweet. Most celebrities hire social media managers to update their profiles with what’s new in their daily lives and careers. Doing so helps them avoid feuds and drama and gives them an opportunity to post constant updates even if they are busy.

Social media is also a good tool for charity.  For example, Ellen Denegeneres posted on Twitter, “Raise 5 cents for charity just by tweeting this hashtag: #BellLetsTalk, first let’s retweet!” BellLetsTalk is an organization that raises concern and awareness for mental illness. Taylor Swift is the most charitable celebrity in 2013 and she mainly represents dosomething.org.

When a celebrity or artist becomes famous on social media sites, fans follow. They follow their trends of what they wear, buy, and listen to. Who would not want to be like their favorite celebrity? The amount of music streamed is influenced by these followed trends. It is really important to consider these popularities as a company focused on streaming music and making consumers content.


By: Erin Cleveland